Hearing protectors

Hearing protectors are equipment aimed at reducing the effects of ambient noise on the human ear, reducing risks of injury to hearing. Hearing aid acousticians can suggest the hearing protector type appropriate for your environment.

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Work Environment

Hearing protectors - Work environment

Your employees regularly complain about pain in the ears linked to loud machinery in a factory or warehouse? You can remedy the situation by offering them industrial hearing protectors customized to their ear.

In Quebec, more than 400,000 workers are exposed to sounds over 85 dB for over eight hours at a time , leading to damage of their hearing. Difficulty related to hearing loss will be felt outside the workplace. It is estimated that 20% of partial deafness cases in adults are a result of noise in the workplace.

Those little everyday noises are a perpetual danger for your hearing. In more severe cases, they can lead to definitive deafness. Noise is one of the main causes of hearing loss, which is why it is high time to prevent damage by using ear protectors. Write to us to get your own industrial hearing protectors to help protect your hearing health. We work with more than 5 companies specialized in making customized protective earplugs.

Work Environment  |  Musicians & DJs  |  Swimming earplugs  |  Recreational

Musicians & DJs

Hearing protectors - Musicians and DJs

Custom earpieces

We can fit almost any headset, be it iPod, iPhone or other brand headphones, with custom ear-tips. Get exceptional sound quality with no ambient noise. Only customization can grant you that comfort and listening quality.

With ER-15/25 technology, we can now help you to face problems such as hyperacusis, recruitment, tinnitus, head trauma, autism or children with attention deficit. Precise reduction of sound can be obtained by combining a patented filter with the specific acoustics of a custom earpiece. The combination creates a resonance of roughly 2700 Hz (like a normal ear), for a gentle and even attenuation.

Three types of attenuation filters are available: ER9™, ER15™ and ER25™. The number indicates the noise reduction in dB.

  • ER9™ Offers 9 dB of sound reduction in middle frequencies, with the same high-frequency reduction as the ER15™. The ER9™ has a relatively supple diaphragm, for a soft attenuation.
  • ER15™ The first in musicians’ earplugs, the model on which all other ER attenuators are built. It uniformly reduces sound by 15 dB on all frequencies. The ER15™'s filters use a diaphragm as an acoustics attenuator, as the air volume in the sound conduit of the custom-fit earpiece acts like an acoustic mass. The combination of the two creates a resonance of roughly 2700 Hz (like a normal ear), while giving a soft and even attenuation.
  • ER25™ Gives a relatively even attenuation of 25 dB on all frequencies. The ER25™ has a harder diaphrahm and an acoustic mass canal molded inside the filter for more reduction.

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Hearing protectors - earplugs swimming

Swimming earplugs are made with New Sil. New Sil is an excellent seal to prevent water from entering the ear canal. That said, as facial contorsions or excessive jaw movement can stretch or deform the ear canal, breaking the seal between the plug and the ear, we cannot guarantee that water will never enter the ear. Swimming earplugs should NOT be used for diving. Swimming plugs are available in a broad range of colours, including fluo colours.

You can get a swirl by combining two colours per pair, as you wish. Handles and a string are automatically included, unless you specify otherwise during the ordering process. A coloured pocket with a zipper comes with all swimming plug sets.

Work Environment  |  Musicians & DJs  |  Swimming earplugs  |  Recreational


Hearing protectors - earplugs - recreational

Sleep Earplugs

Comfortable and with good noise reduction, these customized plugs ensure peaceful sleep. The custom earplugs are made with an excellent pliable, resilient material.

Pilot Earpiece

The pilot earpiece includes a personalized earpiece, the locking set, the microphone rod, an elbow tube, a converter and a pocket.

Range-Shooting and Hunting ear protector

It is essential to protect your hearing while shooting with a firearm. Some ear protectors can protect your hearing while allowing you to hear peoples’ voices and outside noises.

Medical Stethoscope Adapter

The stethoscope adaptor fits any type of stethoscope. Custom-fit in hard acrylic or silicone, it is comfortable and gives you good sound quality. Intended) for medical and paramedical staff (doctor, anaesthetist, nurse, etc.).

Custom Bluetooth

We can adapt almost any earpiece to Bluetooth with a custom ear-tip. With this modification, it offers an exceptional sound quality and comfort only customization can give.

Work Environment  |  Musicians & DJs  |  Swimming earplugs  |  Recreational

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