Serene Innovations Visual alert system CA-360 - Complete

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  • Serene Innovations Visual alert system CA-360 - Complete
  • Serene Innovations

    Wireless visual alert system for the hard-of-hearing. Like the CA-360 Fire + baby cry detection.


  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Smart-Code Technology - 360° full coverage of your entire home.
  • A bright 1.25’’ digital display with dual-alarm settings (12/24hr format).
  • Five (5) alerting outputs: loud speaker, visual icons, bright flasher, digital messages and bed shaker.
  • Auto clock-dimming for a softer display at night.
  • Dual (2) bed shaker output jacks.
  • One (1) bed shaker.
  • One (1) wireless door bell.
  • One (1) wireless audio sensor.
  • One (1) wireless baby cry sensor.
  • Internal antenna design for long range operation.
  • Two (2) phone jacks for separate telephone/fax/video phone.
  • Output jack to control a 100 watt lamp module (module is optional).
  • Simple installation.
  • The system uses four (4) AA-size rechargeable batteries (not included).
  • 110/240 VAC, 50/60Hz operation.

What's in the box:

  • One (1) master Unit CA-360
  • One (1) wireless doorbell
  • One (1) wireless audio sensor
  • One (1) wireless baby cry sensor
  • One (1) AC adapter
  • One (1) Bed shaker
  • One (1) Phone cord
  • One (1) Central Alert Manual/Guide

Serene Innovations

The wireless visual alert system CA-360 - Complete from Serene Innovation is a perfect system for the hard-of-hearing. It also serves a dual-alarm clock. It offer five (5) alerting outputs: speaker, flasher, bed-shaker, icons and digital messages. The digital display shows the name of and activated function (some functions require and optional accessory to be purchased).

The complete visual alert system CA-360 comes with:

A master-unit, a wireless doorbell, a bed-shaker, an AC adapter, a phone cord, a wireless audio sensor and a wireless baby cry sensor.

The wireless doorbell

It has already been registered to the master-unit. It’s weather resistant and easy to install.

The wireless audio sensor

It detects the alarm sounds of virtually all your audio smoke, gas and fire alarms even the new alarms with T3 or T4 alarm sounds and sends a wireless signal to the master unit CA-360 to alert you. You have to install it next to your existing alarms for sound detection or connect it directly to you alarm for activation.

The wireless baby cry sensor

It detects the sound of your baby on a real time basis and it sends a wireless signal to the master unit CA-360 to alert you. It stops when your baby stops making any noise. With adjustable sensitivity, there will be no more false alarms.

The complete CA-360 system will alert you for these specific functions:

  • Phone ringing
  • Doorbell
  • Alarm clock
  • Fire or gas alarm
  • Baby cry

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  • 400.00 $

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