Anti-Humidity Capsules

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  • Anti-Humidity Capsules


Anti-Humidity Capsules must be used with the Dehumidifier Container. The capsules absorb humidity from the hearing aid. When their orange colour becomes clear, it is time to change the capsule.

2 capsules per container

  • Anti-humidity capsules must be used with the dehumidifier container.
  • Remove the tray from the dehumidifier container.
  • Insert an anti-humidity capsule in the bottom of the dehumidifier container.
  • Put the tray back into the dehumidifier container.
  • Place the hearing aid in the tray. * IMPORTANT: Remove battery from the hearing aid first.
  • Close the container and let rest for a few hours.

Humidity can damage a hearing aid. Prevention is essential to avoid humidity damage. Daily use recommended.

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  • 15.00 $

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