Dehumidifier Container

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  • Dehumidifier Container


The Dehumidifier Container (container only) must be used with Anti-Humidity Capsules (CAH02).

The Dehumidifier Container is designed to eliminate humidity in hearing aids. Daily use is recommended to ensure hearing aid performance, especially when humidity levels are high due to warm weathers (heat waves).

  • Remove the tray from the dehumidifier container.
  • Insert an anti-humidity capsule in the bottom of the dehumidifier container.
  • Put the tray back into the dehumidifier container.
  • Place the hearing aid in the tray. * IMPORTANT : Remove battery from the hearing aid first.
  • Close the container and let rest for a few hours.

Humidity can damage a hearing aid. Prevention is essential to avoid humidity damage. Daily use recommended.

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  • 15.00 $

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