Clarity AltoPlus corded amplified phone (53dB)

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  • Clarity

    Without a digital answering machine


  • Amplifying incoming sounds up to 53dB.
  • Amplifying outgoing speech up to 15dB.
  • TIA-4953 Certification for mild, moderate or severe hearing loss.
  • Digital Clarity Power incorporates hearing aid technology for clearer call quality.
  • Extra loud ringer (100dB).
  • Large tilting LCD display with large font.
  • Speakerphone.
  • Volume and tone control.
  • Backlight dial pad with large buttons that speak the number that is pushed.
  • Three (3) speed dial memory buttons.
  • ClarityLogic™ built-in customer support system makes setup quick and easy.
  • Caller ID screen and talking Caller ID.
  • Super bright visual ringer.
  • Headset, neckloop and bedshaker ports.
  • Includes a backup battery to assure the same functions when there is a temporary power failure.
  • One (1) year limited warranty.

What's in the box:

  • One (1) handset
  • One (1) handset coil cord
  • One (1) base station
  • One (1) short telephone line cord
  • One (1) long telephone line cord
  • One (1) DC adapter
  • One (1) wall mount bracket
  • One (1) user manual

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The corded amplified Clarity AltoPlus phone is the ideal solution for those with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss. This phone has received the TIA-4953 certification which respects the new industry standards for amplified telephones. The TIA 4953 measures the acoustic performance and tone control of amplified phones to ensure the best possible sound output is available for individuals with hearing loss. The ergonomic volume and tone control is also perfect for those with arthritis. The corded amplified Clarity AltoPlus phone has a maximum amplification of 53 dB. It is louder, clearer and easier to use.

The corded amplified Clarity AltoPlus phone comes in black.

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  • 200.00 $

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