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AUDIOAID is All about Hearing. It is with you wherever you are, whenever you need it in this complex, subtle and wonderful world of hearing.

" Blindness separates us from things but deafness separates us from people. "      Helen Keller


AUDIOAID is a hearing healthcare website that uses technology to provide you with resources remotely. We utilize technology to maximize customer access to hearing healthcare resources, at all hours, every day, no matter their distance. We focus on flexibility, availability and minimal costs to facilitate access to Connected Hearing Health consumers.

AUDIOAID selects and creates all the best possible tools in the field of hearing health in order to help you better hear and understand the world of sounds you live in. Whether through comparing hearing aid listening quality or providing useful information, hearing aid batteries, amplified phones, TV amplified systems, and more, our mission is to help.

In addition, the content of this site is only for informational purposes and is meant to provide discussion material with your hearing-aid-acoustician, audiologist or ENT doctor. Never ignore advice provided by your hearing-aid-acoustician, audiologist or ENT doctor. The information provided by this web site does not replace a consultation with a hearing-aid-acoustician, an audiologist or an ENT doctor.


Hearing solutions tailored to your specific needs. AUDIOAID is not a general store selling just any product! Enjoy our thorough expertise earned over the years in the field of hearing health.

Did you know ?


Hearing loss is the third most common physical disease after arthritis and heart issues.
* Source: WHO (World Health Organization)


Over 5 % of the world population, meaning 360 million people suffer from incapacitating hearing loss.
* Source: WHO (World Health Organization)


1 person in 10 suffers from hearing loss. 80% of theses people will do nothing to correct the problem.
* Source: WHO (World Health Organization)

Best products

We seek to provide you with the best products, which were specifically selected by our team of experts in the field of hearing health. We have tried and tested different products and we have established a list of top products. These tests were made using various parameters: sustainability of the product, its price, its sound quality and its warranty.

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